The Dead Sea Is A Breathtaking Sight, But It's Also Beneficial, Mentally And Physically

In recent times, the Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley has become a destination for many photographers and bloggers looking for that one destination that's unlike any other on earth. For centuries, the Dead Sea has held a reputation of both spiritual and holistic belief, uniting the two in a way that has made it a dream destination for nearly everyone. Similar to the notion of the black sand in Iceland's Blue Lagoon having healing properties, it's said that the water and the mud found in the Dead Sea, despite its name, also has tremendous potential to heal what ails a person.

It should be noted that the Dead Sea is named for its lack of life - with the high levels of salinity in the water, it's nearly impossible for its shores to sustain any form of life that would adapt as such. However, it is safe for humans and even beneficial for the skin, as these same minerals are actually helpful to our bodies. It's also the lowest place on earth at 1,400 feet below sea level so the experience, to say the least, is quite unique and pretty amazing. If you needed any more reasons to add it to your bucket list, we've got some.\

Skin Benefits

Anyone who has spent any time in the Dead Sea always comes out of the water claiming the same thing: Never before has their skin glowed so much, felt so refreshed, or appeared so clear and renewed. The reason for this can be felt as soon as you enter the water, as the buoyancy alone is enough to drive home the point that, yes, this water is full of salt but is also full of nutrient-rich minerals. Many people claim that they feel as though they simply floated the whole time as opposed to swimming as most do in lakeside or calm-water situations. Improvements in conditions such as acne and even rashes or irritation, such as that left by psoriasis, are a testament to how beneficial the minerals in this water are. According to U.S. News, something as simple as a one-hour soak every day can marginally improve skin conditions by up to 80%. This percentage outranks many of the popular skincare brands out there in terms of healing properties.

One of the minerals responsible for the improvement of skin is magnesium, which is said to decrease inflammation and improve circulation. Furthermore, it's been determined that skincare products that use authentic Dead Sea mud have been shown to have similar success.

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Internal Benefits

The healing doesn't just stop with noticeable external improvements. The Dead Sea water does plenty from the outside to nourish the inside, starting with the joints. Because of the fact that the human body is so buoyant in the water, it's believed that this allows necessary minerals to soak into the skin with ease as opposed to someone who is thrashing around attempting to swim. Those suffering for arthritis have found some relief from routine soaking in the Dead Sea, and minerals such as calcium, bromide, and potassium are also to thank for this.


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